About TSI

Trust Services, Inc. ("TSI") is a service company located in Greenville, Texas, that is jointly owned by the NGC Bodily Injury Trust and the Fuller-Austin Asbestos Settlement Trust. 

TSI is dedicated to being a cost-effective provider of high quality essential services to asbestos and silica settlement trusts as well as other mass tort settlement vehicles.

TSI offers a comprehensive set of services including:

  • Claims Processing
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Treasury and Investment Services
  • Administrative Support
  • Insurance Litigation Support


TSI provides all of these services to its current client trusts under comprehensive service agreements.  TSI's client trusts are the NGC Bodily Injury Trust and the Fuller-Austin Asbestos Settlement Trust, TSI's two owner trusts, and the Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Silica Trust, and the APG Silica Trust. 

TSI's staff is well-trained, competent, and experienced in providing the services TSI offers.  For example, most of TSI's claims processing team have provided personalized service to client trusts, claimants, and law firms for seven to ten years with the analysts having experience reviewing both asbestos and silica claims during their tenure.  This significant experience of the TSI team facilitates rapid staffing for new client trusts.