Fuller-Austin Asbestos Settlement Trust

Fuller-Austin Insulation Company (“FA”), based in Houston, Texas, sold, distributed, installed and removed asbestos-containing insulating materials. Most of FA’s job sites were power plants, refineries, and gas plants primarily in Texas and Louisiana. FA discontinued installing asbestos-containing products in 1974. FA continued to perform removal of asbestos products until the close of FA operations in 1986.

FA filed its pre-packaged chapter 11 case on September 4, 1998. Its Plan of Reorganization was confirmed on November 12, 1998. The effective date of the confirmed Plan of Reorganization and the establishment of Fuller-Austin Asbestos Settlement Trust (“FAST”) was December 11, 1998.

As of May 1, 2020, the FAST has received 53,760 claims and has paid $292,052,718.89 to 34,169 claimants.

To find out more about FAST, please contact Jackey Ferrell at TSI (903) 453-0158.