TSI is dedicated to being a cost effective provider of high-quality, essential services to asbestos and silica settlement trusts as well as other mass tort settlement vehicles.

TSI offers a comprehensive set of services including:


Although the core service provided for TSI's client trusts is claims processing, a new client trust may select any one or more TSI services.  The needs of each client trust determine which services will be provided by TSI.  TSI is responsive to the specific needs of each trust and provides the very best technology and trained personnel at a competitive price. 

TSI services are continually tailored to the present and future legal requirements imposed by the client trust's documents and the operational needs of each client trust.  For example, TSI:

    • Incorporates the Trust Distribution Procedures ("TDP") of a client trust into the client trust's version of the TSI's state-of-the-art claims processing system.
    • Provides real time reports on the status of filed claims to trustees, law firms, and claimants.
    • Reviews any amendment to a client trust’s TDP or change to a client trust’s policies and procedures to ensure that, if necessary, these are reflected promptly by modifications to the claims processing system or the criteria used by analysts when reviewing claims.
    • Recognizes that for quality service to be provided to a client trust, TSI must provide individualized service and communication to law firms and claimants.