Claims Processing

Claims System:

TSI has processed over 340,000 claims since 2004 for the NGC Bodily Injury Trust, its largest client trust.  In 2009, TSI engaged Tribridge Inc., a nationally-recognized IT and business consulting firm and award-winning Microsoft development partner, to build a state-of-the-art extendable claims processing system with web-based self-service capabilities for use by the NGC Bodily Injury Trust but easily adaptable to serve the claims processing needs of other client trusts.

The "TSI Claims System" operating in conjunction with the powerful Laserfiche Document Management software went live at the beginning of 2010 for the NGC Trust.  The TSI Claims System's flexible table-based architecture facilitated the cost-efficient development of a version of the TSI Claims System for the other client trusts.  TSI Claims System has proven to be an exceptional claims system for client trusts and law firms. 


Building a Client Trust's TSI Claims System and Training of Law Firm Staff:

The first step in implementing the TSI Claims System for a new client trust is to ensure that both the letter and the spirit of the trust's TDP are reflected in the new trust's TSI Claims System.  To accomplish this objective, the TSI team will:

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of the client trust's TDP.
  • As directed, coordinate necessary discussions of policy and procedures with the client trust and constituencies of the client trust. 
  • Integrate the client trust's policy decisions into its TSI Claims System.
  • Conduct stringent testing procedures to ensure that a client trust's specific processing and procedural requirements are accurately applied at each step in the client trust's TSI Claims System.


Training of law firm personnel who file and work claims is a TSI priority.  The cost-efficiency of a client trust's TSI Claims System, as well as the law firm's level of satisfaction, are materially improved by extensive initial training and periodic updating of key law firm staff.  TSI's staff offers law firms:

  • Initial on-site and webinar training on TDP standards, claims processing requirements, and the use of the client trust's TSI Claims System.
  • Refresher training sessions.
  • Prompt and courteous responses to all claimant law firm inquiries.
  • A strong cooperative relationship with TSI's claims analysts and other staff members.

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