Treasury and Investment Services

TSI's financial services go beyond periodic financial reporting.  For many of the client trusts, TSI assists with coordinating, evaluating, and analyzing investment information.  As part of TSI’s on-going Investment Management Services, TSI will:

  • Coordinate the RFP process for selecting a custody bank.
  • Coordinate interviews with advisors, consultants, investment managers and custody banks.
  • Assist the client trust with opening investment accounts.
  • Facilitate transfer of cash for liquidity needs.
  • Assist in drafting and implementing Investment Policies.
  • Coordinate and monitor client trust-directed activities with:
    • Custody Banks, Investment Advisors and Consultants, and Investment Managers.
    • The design and implementation of periodic reports to supplement those provided by Advisors and Investment Managers.
  • Generate Cash/Investment Flow Budgets:
    • Incorporate projections of investment returns into a Cash Flow Budget.
    • Revise Budgets when necessary.
    • Provide enhanced analysis of managers' current and projected performance to Trustees to assist with the planning of withdrawals from investment accounts to fund claim payments and other operational expenditures.
    • Incorporate implications of tax analysis.


Investment Monitoring Controls:

As part of TSI's Financial Controls that are specific to Investment Accounts, TSI performs monthly analysis and monitoring to:

  • Ensure established controls and procedures are sufficient for processing the transfer of funds.
  • Test and verify accuracy of reported investment balances.
  • Verify investment fee charges.
  • Utilize internally developed performance reports to complement external investment manager reporting.

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